From School Lunches to Compost

Ukrainian schoolchildren work to better the environment


Seventh grade students of the Kyiv Biotechnology Elementary School in Kyiv, came up with the idea of a compost container, right in the schoolyard.

They call their project “Kompola,” and they have the support of the Ministries of Education and Ecology to carry it out.

The students will use the compost to collect food waste from their school lunches. Depending on the season, fallen leaves will be thrown into the mix as well. Then, the waste will likely be mixed with soil. The box sits in the garden of the school’s gymnasium.

The compost will be used to fertilize plants in the school’s gardens. The students collected money for the prototype container themselves, through a crowdfunding platform, GoFundIt. In a day and a half, they collected 11 thousand hrivnas or around $423 dollars.

This is not the first school that has undertaken such an initiative. Thirty-two containers are already in place in school yards all over the country.

Two hundred more such containers will be set up at schools all over Ukraine, including six in Luhansk region and ten in Donetsk Region.

Source UATV
date 04.05.2018
categories News releases, Science
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