Search In the House of Crimean Tatar Family: Updated

Three members of the family were taken to a holding center after a search of their home

Photo Facebook/Crimean Solidarity


In the occupied Crimea, in the village of Sary-Su (Bilohirsk district), law enforcement brought all the members of a family to the police station after a search of their home. This was reported by Crimean Solidarity on Facebook.

“All members of the family Kurtdede are on the way to the Bilohirsk City Police Department in the police’s vehicle,” said the post.

According to information from the organization, there were three people, Sevile Kurtdede (53 years old), Tair Kurtdede (56 years old) and Alime Kurtdede (22 years old), in the house on Alime Abdennanova Street, where the search was conducted. The owner of the house, Akim Kurtdede, is working in Europe.

According to the residents, law enforcement officers gave them the search order, but didn’t explain the reason for the “visit” and didn’t explain what were they looking for.

According to the report, the search took place during the Friday Prayer, after which people started finding out the whereabouts of the Kurtdede family.

“After the Friday prayer, when people found out about the search, they went to aid the Kurtdede family. When they arrived in the Bilohirsk police department, they were told that Kurtdede was not in the department,” the report says.

Chief Police officer went out of the building of the department to announce that Kurtdede family was neither in the local Center for Combating Extremism nor in the FSB department. He said also that they might be in the central department in Simferopol.

Later, as the attorney Lilia Gemedzhi reported, the Kurtdede family is in the FSB department in the city of Bilohirsk. Tair Kurtdede was given the copy of the search order and he is being interrogated in connection with his son, Akim Kurtdede.

UPDATE: The occupying authorities released the Crimean Tatar family previously detained by FSB officers, Crimean Solidarity reported, according to Ukrinform.

“It became known that the Kurdtede family was released and they have returned home. Activists are are going to visit them,” Crimean Solidarity has said.

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date 22.03.2019
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