Serge Lifar Ballet Competition to Return to Ukrainian Stages

The international and European ballet competition is being resurrected yet again


Photo George Hoyingen-Huene, 1927

At its session on April 3, the Government adopted a resolution “On the International Ballet Competition named after Serge Lifar,” developed on the initiative of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine. This was reported by the Ukraine Government Portal.

The Act provides for the biennial holding of this competition, thereby promoting the development and increasing awareness about national culture, support for talented creative youth, the expansion of international cultural ties, the promotion of the best examples of classical and contemporary choreography and perpetuating the memory of the outstanding artist, choreographer and ballet master of the twentieth century Serge Lifar.

The International Serge Lifar Ballet Competition is a well-known and renowned international and European competition for young ballet dancers and choreographers. The first performance was held in 1994.

However, in 2006, the competition was suspended. At the initiative of the People’s Artist of Ukraine Vadym Pysarev, the competition was restored in 2011.

But, once again, the competition was suspended, this time in 2014 during political unrest and Russian provocations, including the illegal annexation of Crimea. This also caused a lack of funding as the country was faced with more pressing issues.

Now, the competition will return to Ukraine where it will honor both Serge Lifar and upcoming talent.

Source Ukraine Government Portal
date 05.04.2019
categories Culture
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