Seven Ukrainian Sailors From Sunken Ship Near Turkey Return Home

The body of one Ukrainian has still not been found

Sumsun Volgo Balt Rescue operationPhoto Ukrinform-UATV

Seven members of the crew of the Volgo-Balt 214 vessel that sank in the Black Sea near Turkey, returned from Istanbul to Ukraine. Ukrinform reported.

They arrived at the Odesa international airport, where relatives and representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs were waiting for them.

Yevgeniy Ilchenko, Denys Skachko, Stanislav Shevchuk, Pavlo Melnychenko, Oleh Gerashchenko, Yevhen Yatsenko and Kok Tetiana Budko have refused to comment on the disaster.

“I had to spend about four hours in the ice-cold water until the rescue helicopters arrived at the place of the accident. By that time, almost half of the crew members died,” one of the sailors said.

Among the dead Ukrainians are Dmytro Krepets, Rostyslav Viyazivskiy and Ruslan Bodnyk. The body of Volodymyr Ovdiyenko from Odesa region was not found.

Two Azerbaijani citizens also died.

The ship with 11 Ukrainians on board sank off the coast of Turkey on Jan. 7.

Source UATV
date 13.01.2019
categories Ukraine
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