Shevchenko’s Quantum Leap

The "Shevchenko's Quantum Leap" exhibition opened at the Taras Shevchenko Metro station, in Kyiv. Several dozen posters were put up with Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko depicted as iconic musicians, poets, actors, and even fictional characters. There is Shevchenko-David Bowie, Shevchenko-Darth Vader, and even a Shevchenko-Statue of Liberty


A portrait of Taras Shevchenko but with a twist. The famous image has the well-known Statue of Liberty headdress. Then the image of the iconic Ukrainian poet as Harry Potter, and Darth Vader. Artist Oleksandr Grekhov wanted to portray Shevchenko in a different light. He calls the exhibition “Shevchenko’s Quantum Leap.”

“We took the name of an old American TV series from the late 80s. In it, the main character moved through time into different bodies. And on this basis, Taras is made to travel in the same way, living in the bodies of pop stars, cartoon characters, and some historical personalities,” Grekhov said.

Grekhov began sketching Shevchenko around two years ago. His works were noticed by Taras Shevchenko Museum and they suggested launching a joint project.

“In July last year, we made the first exhibition at the museum. It became very popular, especially on social media. This is where the audience really enjoys this type of art. Then we made several more projects related to the works of Shevchenko. They are gaining popularity. Since this is one of the highly visited metro stations, more people will see it here in a month than in the museum,” exhibit curator Anastasia Abolesheva said.

One of the first works was Shevchenko as David Bowie.

“Bowie is one of my favorite musicians, I probably was listening to his music at the time, so I drew it. Shevchenko at one time stood out enough from the general crowd, lived in Petersburg, dressed there in Ukrainian clothing. He was very different, just like Bowie. So they are somewhat similar,” Grekhov said.

Some passerby said the unusual and sometimes comical portraits of Shevchenko are like nothing they’d ever seen.

“I liked it very much. I have seen them, and so I approached the art, read the description and it is very fascinating. I really like when even the metro cars are decorated,” metro passenger Inna said.

“The main point here is to fight for your life, triumph over all hardships, over everything negative, to be free so that our people would be truly independent,” metro passenger Volodymyr said.

“I am an old woman, but I don’t really like it and I cannot appreciate such art. Maybe it is more for the youth. I live the classic paintings of Shevchenko,” metro passenger Maija said.

The exhibition will last until March 10. Later it will be shown in Lviv and Vinnytsia.

Source UATV
date 11.02.2019
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