Solar Park In Zhytomyr Region Is Being Enlarged

The moves to solar power are a part of the government's goal of energy independence


Photo from Ukrinform-UATV


A solar power plant (SES) of 25-30MW, is being built in the Korostensky district of Zhytomyr region. One of the investors in the project is Belgium’s Upgrade Energy company, the press service of Zhytomyr Regional State Administration reported.

“We began construction of the first stage of the PLC Irshanska SES, which is in the Korostensky district, with a capacity of 5.9MW in February. The company has already installed about 18 thousand distinct photovoltaic modules and about 6.5 thousand piles, and now the mounting of tables and photovoltaic modules is ongoing. In addition, in March, there were public hearings on the establishment of a green tariff for electricity production. The total capacity of the project will be 25-30MW,” said Victor Hradovskyi, Head of the Department of Agricultural Industry Development and Economic Policy of the Regional State Administration.

The solar plant in the village of Chopovychi is currently being built. The project is being implemented on the basis of a memorandum signed by the Head of the Regional State Administration, Igor Hundych, with GESS.

In addition, work on the design of the construction of a photovoltaic station by the Irish company Altostrata Energy, Ltd. in Luhinsky District has been completed.

Public hearings in Khoroshiv united territorial community were held on the establishment of a green tariff for electricity generated by the solar power plant of the PLC KSES, with a capacity of 20MW, which has investments from Better Energy Energo from Denmark.

Source Ukrinform
date 18.04.2019
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