Soldiers’ First Parachute Jump

In the Ukrainian city of Zhytomyr, almost 70 soldiers of the Ukrainian Air Assault Force have jumped with parachutes for the first time. Each of the paratroopers underwent training on special simulators


Soldiers of the Ukrainian Air Assault Forces are preparing for their first parachute jumps. Having checked the equipment, they get in an Mi-8 military helicopter to descend from a height of 800 meters.

“I cannot convey this with words, I’ve never tried jumping before. I don’t feel scared at all – I just want to jump already,” soldier Pavlo Sterbynka said.

Before joining the army, Vladlen Yaroshenko worked in construction. Serving in the Armed Forces was his childhood dream. Four years ago, he tried to join the Air Assault troops as a volunteer but had no luck. This year, he came to the military enlistment office on the first day of conscription and finally succeeded.

“I just jumped, without closing my eyes. I don’t know, maybe some of the guys closed their eyes, but I didn’t. I jumped and clearly saw the horizon. Words can’t express it, you have to see it for yourself,” Yaroshenko said.

Female soldiers are also parachuting for the first time. The requirements for them are the same.

“I was sure that everything would go well. I trust the guys who prepared me. I think self-preservation works. My life didn’t flash before my eyes or anything like that,” soldier Tetiana Pasko said.

After their successful landing, paratroopers undergo a traditional initiation ceremony.

“Everyone managed to do the task. As you see, the ritual of initiation for paratroopers is underway now, for those who have jumped with a parachute for the first time in their lives,” Deputy Commander Dmytro Denysevych said.

In total, there are over 1,500 soldiers on the proving ground. Over the week, each of them will jump with a parachute at least once. Afterward, they will head back to their military units.

Source UATV
date 19.07.2019
categories Joint Forces Operation, News releases
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