‘Solo Dance’: Modern Dance and Music Festival in Ankara

Three days of modern dances and music - the 'Solo Dance' festival has taken place in the Turkish city of Ankara. It attracted representatives from dozens of countries - including Ukraine, Poland, Switzerland, Australia, and the United States.



Body movements, gestures, facial expressions — all of this is important for solo dances. One person has to convey their message and feelings to the audience. This is the goal of Ukrainian dancers Olena and Anastasia at the Solo Dance festival in Ankara. 

Listening to it, seeing and experiencing it all, talking with the choreographers that came here – it’s all very exciting, because every person from each part of the word has jsi or her vision of the dance,” Ukrainian participant Olena Burlakova said.

What I can say about Ukraine is that the Ukrainian school of dance is developing extremely fast now. And the opportunity to be here proves this. I am happy that people here will learn more about Ukrainian dance. And that improvising is not something unusual but a regular thing for us,” Ukrainian participant Anastasia Rembetska said.

Improvisation is also important for dancing, say organizers. It means that a person can hear the music, move, and create without thinking about what will happen in the next minute. The aim of the festival is to show various styles of modern choreography.

“We wanted the  participants and choreographers to get to know each other, to meet different people and learn more about their cultures. We tried to create all the conditions needed for them to talk about their cultures and gain experience for further development,” project coordinator Elgiz Yüce said

Last year, Solo Dance festival was held in Ankara for the first time. This time, the event has grown. It featured participants from dozens of countries, including Ukraine, Poland, France, the Czech Republic, Australia, and the United States.

Source UATV
date 01.07.2019
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