Space X Tests Abort System for New Crew Dragon

The Crew Dragon is Space X's first spacecraft designed to carry people


Photo Space X

SpaceX posted dramatic footage of the latest test of the emergency abort system of its Crew Dragon, the company’s first spacecraft designed to carry people.

At an as-yet-unannounced date, Space X will launch two NASA astronauts into orbit with its Crew Dragon as part of its first-ever crewed test flight.

That’s why it’s important that Space X’s emergency abort system works. The abort system will save the crew if something goes wrong during the launch of its Falcon 9 rocket – which Space X tested the first-stage boosters of last week – that will carry the Crew Dragon up to space. The Crew Dragon will be able to engage its own thrusters to avoid danger and return to Earth with parachutes.


“Our team has completed more than 700 tests of SuperDraco engines for the spacecraft,” SpaceX said.

Crew Dragon’s eight “SuperDraco” engines, will allow the spacecraft to cover half a mile in just 7.5 seconds during an emergency, reach a top speed of 436 mph (700 km/h), a follow-up tweet stated.

Testing hasn’t always gone according to plan. The same engines were responsible for blowing up the first Crew Dragon capsule during a system test in April. But by all accounts, this week’s tests were a success.


Source Science Alert
date 15.09.2019
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