40 servicemen will represent Ukraine at the Warrior Games in the USA for the first time


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Ukraine has formed a national team of 40 veterans and military personnel who will represent the country at the international Warrior Games competition in Orlando (Florida, USA) for the first time in history, UATV reports.

Among the participants were veterans and active servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Guard, the State Border Guard Service, the National Police, the Security Service of Ukraine, as well as volunteers who were injured during or as a result of performing their duties in the combat zone or during peacekeeping operations.

Deputy head of the National Police Vadym Troyan said that this is one of the largest teams that Ukraine sent to competitions with the participation of wounded veterans and military personnel.

“In this team of 40 people, 12 people are representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Of these, 8 people are in the National Guard of Ukraine, 2 border guards, one policeman and one veteran of the Ministry of Internal Affairs”, – Troyan said.

An employee of the UATV channel, Rodion Sitdikov, also got into the national team for the Warrior Games. The veteran of the National Guard will compete for medals in shot put, discus throw and wheelchair basketball.

“The most important thing is rehabilitation. Don’t forget about it. We come to training and it happens, for 15 minutes, or even half an hour, we just talk, joke. And this is the rehabilitation period”, said the coach of the Ukrainian national shot put team at Warrior Games Vasyl Virastyuk.

The competition will take place from 12 to 22 September 2021. Warrior Games has been organized by the US Department of Defense since 2013. Participating countries are USA, Ukraine, Australia, Canada, UK, Georgia, Denmark, Netherlands.

date 01.06.2021
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