Ukrainian athletes participating in the Tokyo Olympics received their COVID-19 jabs



On April 15 Ukrainian athletes who are going to participate in Tokyo Olympics 2020 were administered coronavirus vaccines, UATV correspondent informs.

Members of the national bullseye shooting team – 14 athletes and coaches – were the first to get their jabs. All of them are reported to feel good. No side effects observed.

“40 minutes passed after a jab. I feel good. Nothing hurts. The minister said today: “If there’s at least anyone who hasn’t been vaccinated, the entire team would be exempted from the competition”, – Oleksandr Petriv, bullseye shooting Olympic champion said.

Vadym Gutzait, minister for youth and sports noted that almost all the athletes, who’re going to participate in the Olympics, will be vaccinated, though it is not a necessary measure.

“Our athletes’ health is an extremely important issue. It is important that they don’t fall ill before the Games. The jabs are a kind of guarantee that all of them will participate in the Olympics”, – the minister added.

1,500 doses of CoronaVac jabs were allocated to vaccinate the athletes.

date 15.04.2021
categories Sport

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