Ukrainian Football Association in talks with UEFA to keep the slogan “Glory to the heroes!”


Photo: Ukrinform

The UEFA demands that Ukraine take away the slogan “Glory to the Heroes!” from the new uniform of the national football team. Russia has sent a complaint.

UATV informs this referring to Radio Liberty.

The UFA is negotiating with UEFA on this issue.

“We received a corresponding letter from the UEFA, and now our lawyers are studying it. They are communicating with UEFA”, – representative of the Ukrainian Football Association said in a comment to Radio Liberty.

According to him, the result of the negotiations will be known by the end of the working day.

The slogan “Glory to Ukraine!” and the outlines of the borders of Ukraine will remain on the uniform. As for the slogan “Glory to the Heroes!”, the UEFA required to remove it, because in the organization’s opinion, it carries political overtones.

Earlier, the UEFA approved a new uniform for the Ukrainian national team. The design of the outfit has caused a wave of discontent from Russia.

date 10.06.2021
categories Sport

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