Sports Competitions for War Vets in Eastern Ukraine

A series of sports competitions for veterans of the war in eastern Ukraine have been held in the city of Dnipro. The competitions included badminton, chess, archery, and running. The event was aimed at facilitating veterans' rehabilitation.

A series of competitions in Dnipro for Donbas war veterans attracted nearly 150 participants.

The competitions included badminton, chess, archery, and running in an event aimed at facilitating veterans’ rehabilitation.

One veteran, Valeriy Zhyvotov, decided to play badminton. He said he got interested in the sport after the first such competition. Now, he plays once a week with his friends.

“You can lay quiet for so long and it will be hard to get up later. And when you overcome yourself a little – for example, I’m 55, I get up and go to play badminton – you extend your life somehow. It’s energy, youthfulness,” he said.

In the next room, a chess competition is underway. Volunteer Natalia Dryl beats her opponent with confidence. She says she trained at home.

“I trained every weekend, on Sundays. My friends, children, and students come over,” she said.

Outside, a short distance running competition attracted the veterans’ families and loved ones, many of whom also participated.

Most of the athletes decided to compete in archery. At first, they received instructions.

Olena Karlina tried archery for the first time. At first, she just wanted to support her husband at the competition, but later decided to take part herself. Her first arrow she missed the mark but for her second shot, she earned several points.

“I want to experience emotions – go back to my childhood. And also, to feel the spirit of the competition,” she said.

The competition featured six sports. Participants were judged by professional athletes.

“Sports are great for rehabilitation. Here, veterans can talk, exchange experiences and just have a good time,” deputy head of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration Iryna Hrytsay said.

The competitions for veterans were held in Dnipro for the fourth year. Every time, the number of participants grows.

Source UATV
date 08.10.2019
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