Stanytsia Luhanska Bypass Bridge Opened

Construction has begun on the permanent structure to replace the destroyed bridge


Photos Joint Centre for Control and Coordination


The temporary bypass bridge in Stanytsia Luhanska has opened to pedestrians while construction on a more permanent structure is underway. The Joint Centre for Control and Coordination reported this, according to Ukrinform.

Removal of the previous wooded ramps that went down first and then back up again, a difficult and dangerous trek for pensioners, especially in inclement weather like rain or snow, has already begun.


The destroyed and collapsed bridge deck is also being dismantled so that it can be removed.


Some residents who have crossed the newly opened bypass complain that it is too narrow and that it can be difficult to pass others, especially when carrying large or cumbersome bags. Once the new bridge has opened, this would not longer be an issue.


The new bridge is being designed for light vehicle traffic, such as minibuses and ambulances, so the possibility of passenger service in the future could be an option.


Source Ukrinform
date 05.10.2019
categories Ukraine
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