Street Food Festival in Lutsk Treats Visitors with Exotic Dishes

People were able to try superworms



Anyone familiar with Ukrainian street food festivals knows that they are a place to find all kinds of delicious dishes, and the one held at the ancient Loubart’s castle in Lutsk, in northwestern Ukraine, was no different.

Chefs gathered at an ancient castle to prepare exotic as well as traditional dishes. This year, the organizers also invited an exotic cuisine chef to prepare “Zophobas morio,” most commonly known a superworms. Only the most daring tried this bug-based dish.

Almost all drinks at the festival were made on the spot. Freshly brewed beer, cider, cocktails and lemonade were available, but the most popular was homemade wine.

The festival even had workshops, where everyone had a chance to learn how to prepare different dishes.

Several thousand people visited this year’s festival.

Source UATV
date 14.05.2018
categories Culture, News releases
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