Strike Aviation Training in Donbas

Multiple training exercises were conducted to strengthen air defenses


Photo Facebook/JFO HQ


Aviation and air defense training of the Joint Forces was held in Donetsk region, the press center of the JFO HQ reported.

According to the training plan, air defense strike forces worked out, as well as exercises of providing ground protection and defense of military objects as well as prevention of unauthorized take-off and landing of military aircraft were carried out.

According to the report, the staff acted confidently and in accordance with the task set. As part of the flight change, fighter jets, attack aircraft, and bombers were relocated between airfields of different distances.

“We are recruiting pilots of various experience to master their skills in new airfields and expanding the capabilities of the Joint Forces aviation,” the head of the training process said.




A number of training and combat tasks were worked out during the lesson. Namely, actions of calculations and flight crews during repulsing an enemy’s air attack and striking certain ground targets.

The training of the air defense and defense units in the case of unauthorized take-offs was also conducted.


Source UATV
date 21.08.2019
categories Joint Forces Operation
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