26th Antarctic Expedition goes to Akademik Vernadsky station (PHOTOS)


Photo: the National Antarctic Research Center

The 26th Ukrainian Antarctic expedition went to the Akademik Vernadsky station. Its participants will spend about 13 months on the ice continent.

This was reported by UATV with reference to the National Antarctic Research Center.

The team is the youngest of all previous expeditions.

“Last year we sent to Antarctica the youngest expedition – the average age of participants was 37. This year, in the 26th UAE, the average age is even younger – almost 36, and the youngest participant will be 25 in April -, he is the same age as our station to Ukraine from Great Britain”, said Yevhen Dykyi, Director of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

The head of the UAE will be a record holder for the number of winters on the “Vernadsky” – a geophysicist from Kharkiv Bohdan Havrilyuk. It will be the 9th annual expedition for him.

The 26th expedition includes 12 participants: 7 scientists, a doctor, a cook, a diesel engineer, a system mechanic and a system administrator. 11 men and 1 woman – biologist Oksana Savenko, who is going to winter for the 2nd time (this is also a record, no woman has wintered twice before).

Before leaving for Antarctica, the team underwent a compulsory weekly training.

The main tasks of the expedition participants are to carry out daily measurements, planned studies, as well as to support the work of the station.

Earlier near the station “Akademik Vernadsky” the edge of the ice broke off from the glacier.

date 25.03.2021
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