The cartoon “Victor_Robot” goes into distribution



On June 24, the animated film “Victor_Robot” created with the support of the State Agency of Ukraine for Cinema will be created.

UA informs this citing the web-site of the State Film Agency.

“Victor_Robot” is the winner of the Audience Award at the 11th Odesa International Film Festival and the Best Animated Film according to the 3rd National Film Critics Award “Kinokolo”.

The events take place in distant future. An artificial star, which should provide energy to the planet near it, does not work. The only one who can fix it is little Vicky’s grandfather, who created this luminary. However, he mysteriously disappears. The girl, together with her assistant, a tiny robot Victor, sets out to find him. This is how the exciting adventures of 2 friends begin.

The film was directed by Anatoly Lavrenyshyn.

Dakh Daughters, Maryana Holovko and Marko Halanevych (from “DakhaBrakha”), Anton Slepakov (from the band “Vagonovozhatiye”) joined the soundtracks. Anton Baibakov wrote the music to the film.

The production of the film lasted more than 3 years, and almost 200 professionals worked on the film.

Earlier, the Ukrainian film “Deep Love” won two awards at a film festival in Poland.

date 23.06.2021
categories Culture

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