The Ukrainian film “Deep Love” won 2 awards at the Polish Film Festival



Animation film “Deep Love” by Mykyta Lyskov won two awards at the XV International Short Film Festival ŻUBROFFKA in Poland: the main prize in the section WINDOW TO THE EAST / OKNO NA WSCHÓD and the jury of Polish journalists.

UA informs this citing the State Film Agency.

The short animated film tells a love story with the help of characters. The film consists of episodes that are not related in plot and style, which have the same mood and the same meaning. The film is made without words, and a witty story-reflection on human relationships is revealed through sounds.

Author and director – Mykyta Lyskov, musical arrangement and sound – Anton Baibakov, producer – Andriy Hranytsia.

The film was created by the “TTM” company with 100% support from the State Film Agency.

Besides, the movie “Ukraine Behind the Scenes” will take part in Agora Docs.

date 15.06.2021
categories Culture

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