New fines for traffic violations apply in Ukraine



Starting today, March 17, fines for traffic violations will increase in Ukraine. This is provided by the law, which the Verkhovna Rada adopted in February.

This is reported by UATV with reference to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The adopted law has significantly updated the responsibility for driving while intoxicated. Now, for the first time, offenses entail a fine of $ 600. If a person commits such an offense within a year, then he should pay a fine of $ 1210, the car is confiscated for 3 years.

The new law provides for new sanctions – administrative arrest and paid confiscation of the car.

“When making a decision, the court, taking into account the identity of the offender, taking into account the property status, may determine the punishment in the form of administrative arrest. Paid confiscation of a car is a procedure according to which it is confiscated from the owner by a court decision, sold at auction, and the proceeds are returned to the owner”, said Oleksiy Biloshitskyi, First Deputy Head of the Patrol Police Department of Ukraine.

If a person drives in a state of alcoholic intoxication for the third time during a year, the fine rises to $ 1800, with an administrative arrest of up to 15 days, and also provides for the confiscation of the vehicle – uncompensated appropriation. 

“If a person, being in a state of alcoholic intoxication, caused an accident, suffered injuries or death of victims, then the offender cannot count on parole, amnesty or pardon. In addition, the offender will not be able to avoid liability due to remorse, reconciliation or by bailing the offender”, Biloshitskyi said.

Penalties for pedestrians and cyclists who violate traffic rules have also increased. Going to an unidentified place or to the prohibiting signal of a traffic light / traffic controller will cost $10, previously it was $2. Violation of the rules by a cyclist – $ 12. Repeated violation of traffic rules by a cyclist or pedestrian – $ 30 fine.

Earlier, the president demanded the maximum penalty for drunk drivers who caused fatal accidents.

Changes to the traffic regulations came into force in Ukraine.

date 17.03.2021
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