The shift turnover at the Vernadsky Research Base (PHOTO)


Photo: Facebook/AntarcticCenter

The polar explorers’ shift exchange took place at the Ukrainian Vernadsky Research Base in Antarctica. Members of the 25th Ukrainian polar expedition completed their shift and passed on the scientific duties to the 26th Antarctic expedition.

The Facebook page of the national Antarctic scientific center reports this.

Before members of the 25th expedition left home, scientists and workers unloaded a year’s supply of food products and other goods, which have arrived with the new crew. The shift turnover took place in complicated weather conditions: it’s late autumn in Antarctica now and the temperature of +1 to +3 degrees’ Celsius feels like -15 degrees due to the strong wind and over than 80% air humidity. 

The previous team of the polar explorers has already left home. At first they have to cross the Drake Strait and reach Chile.

Earlier, the glacier’s edge broke off not far from the Vernadsky research base.

date 19.04.2021
categories Science, Society

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