Ukraine will supply engines for Turkish helicopters



Ukrainian-made engines will be installed on a new modification of the Turkish ATAK-2 attack helicopter.

This was announced by the general director of Turkish Aerospace Industries Temel Kotil, writes Ukrinform.

“The ATAK-2 helicopter at the first stage (before the production of the domestic engine) will be equipped with Ukrainian-made engines,” Temel Kotil said.

It is planned that the first ATAK-2 flight of the new modification will be carried out on March 18, 2023 to Istanbul. The helicopter will have more take-off weight than the current ATAK helicopters. Its weight will be 11 tons, it will be able to transport 1.5 tons of cargo, including ammunition.

It was reported that Ukraine is in the top five countries producing blades for heavy helicopters.

Previously, Volodymyr Zelenskyy ordered to launch a Ukrainian satellite into orbit by the end of the year.


date 16.03.2021
categories Society, Technologies

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