Ukrainian COVID vaccine: Stepanov announced two scientific developments



Ukraine has 2 scientific developments of home vaccine. This was told by the Minister of Health Maksym Stepanov, UATV informs.

The basis for a domestic vaccine can be one of two drugs with which 2 different research teams work. One is undergoing preclinical studies, and the other is in the stage of stabilization of the dosage form.

“We already have two candidates for the vaccine. The first team of scientists has already reached the stabilization of the medical form, that is conducting preclinical phases in order to enter the clinical phase. The second scientific development has a different formation. We believe that it can also be for vaccine”, – said the head of the Ministry of Health.

However, in order to produce the vaccine, special funds are needed.

“In order to finance the continuation of work on these developments, the budget provided for the creation of a so-called bio-cluster for the construction of a laboratory, which is needed for this in the country. Obviously it is not enough, and money will be added,” added Maksym Stepanov.

Scientists told when their own COVID vaccine could be released in Ukraine.

date 27.04.2021
categories Science, Society

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