Biden paid much attention to human rights issues – Kalan on the Geneva talks


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Human rights became one of the main topics of the press conference of US President Joe Biden following a meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Speaking about human rights and their protection, he emphasized that it is “in the DNA” of Americans. This was stated by the official representative of the US State Department Andrea Kalan in the commentary to “Hromadske”.

“The most important is that Putin and Biden had the opportunity to be in the same place and express their positions. And that President Biden could say what the US stands for. It seems to me that during the press conference it was very interesting how he talked about human rights. He talked a lot. And he said that human rights are in the DNA of Americans. We have fundamental rights from birth. Both President Biden and his administration will continue to insist that everyone should adhere to international rules and standards”, – said Andrea Kalan. 

During the press conference, Biden emphasized that no US president can fail to defend democratic values, human rights and freedoms.

“I made it clear to Putin that we will raise the issue of human rights, such issues as with respect to Alexei Navalny. We are always expanding the sphere of human rights, including more and more people. I told Putin that we should have clear fundamental rules that must be adhered to”, – Biden said.

Previously, Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin met in Geneva on June 16. Joe Biden said during a press conference that Washington will continue to support the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine.

date 17.06.2021
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