COVID-19 pandemic: hospitals and morgues are full in India, and Europe lifts restrictions


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India is at the peak of the incidence of COVID-19. The country is struggling to contain the spread of the coronavirus disease. Meanwhile, other countries are gradually lifting restrictions. The states of the European Union are preparing to open their countries to tourists, reports UATV.

For example, hospitals and morgues are overcrowded in India. Over the past 2 weeks, about 400 000 patients have been registered every day. In February, scientists identified a new strain of coronavirus there. It can kill antibodies that have been developed in a person who has been ill with COVID-19 or who has been vaccinated against it.

The crematoria are full. People need to wait at least five to seven hours before being able to cremate bodies. Near the crematorium, there is a line of ambulances with the bodies of victims of COVID-19.

Many patients are treated at home. Their relatives are forced to look for medicines and oxygen on their own. Great Britain will donate another thousand ventilators to help India.

In Europe, for the first time since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, foreign citizens may be allowed entry. The European Commission has recommended that EU countries allow tourists who have received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to enter their countries. But on one condition – the drug for coronavirus should be approved by the World Health Organization (WHO).

For example, restaurants and cafes opened in Greece. However, visitors are served only on summer grounds. Schools will open in the country in a week. After another two weeks, tourists will be allowed in. But if you have 2 vaccinations or a negative test for coronavirus.

The Vatican museums also re opened for tourists. People can get inside only wearing masks and pre-ordering tickets.

After a month of isolation, shops and hairdressing salons in Austria are opened The country simplifies the rules of entry for tourists – from May 19, it is enough to present a negative test for COVID-19.

As previously reported, 2472 new cases of coronavirus were fixed in Ukraine over the past day. 7815 Ukrainians have recovered.

date 04.05.2021
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