EU foreign ministers discuss economic sanctions against Belarus



European Union foreign ministers met to discuss economic sanctions against Belarus amid international condemnation of the Ryanair incident.

UATV reports this referring to Radio Liberty.

“The hijacking of the plane and the detention of 2 passengers are absolutely unacceptable, and we will discuss the implementation of sectoral and economic sanctions”, – said EU High Representative Josep Borrell during the meeting of foreign ministers in Lisbon.

He added that work on a new package of sanctions is at an early stage, but he did not announce any details.

Several ministers said that EU sanctions should target the sectors that benefit the most of Belarus’s ruling elite.

On May 23 at the Minsk airport a passenger liner of Ryanair airline, which was going from Athens to Vilnius, made an emergency landing. The plane was landed due to reports of mines. The explosive device was not found as a result. Roman Protasevich, co-founder of the Belarusian opposition telegram channel Nexta, was on the flight. He was detained at Minsk airport immediately after landing.

Besides, the White House is also discussing new sanctions against Minsk.

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date 27.05.2021
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