New military incursions of the Russian Federation into Ukraine can be, the CIA



William Burns, Central Intelligence Agency director said that accumulation of Russian troops in occupied Crimea and on Ukraine’s borders could lead to “sporadic military incursions”. This is reported by UATV with reference to the “Voice of America”.

“I think it is clear that the Russian mobilization of forces in Crimea and along the Donbas border is a serious concern. The buildup of forces has reached a point where, among other things, it could become the basis for separate military incursions”, Burns said.

He noted that Moscow’s maneuvers near Ukraine can also be aimed simultaneously at “attempts to intimidate the Ukrainian authorities and send a signal to the United States”.

The level of threat in Ukraine from the status of a “possible” crisis to “potentially inevitable” was raised by the American command in Europe. However, the military forces of Ukraine and its partners are now in the best position, according to the US Army.

date 15.04.2021
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