Russia has concentrated more troops on the border with Ukraine than in 2014 – Pentagon



The Russian Federation has concentrated more troops near the border with Ukraine than in 2014. This was stated by the representative of the Pentagon John Kirby, according to the website of the US Department of Defense.

Kirby noted that the situation is of serious concern.

“This is the largest accumulation of forces since 2014, which led to a violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. We continue to see this build-up. As before, it worries us very seriously”, Secretary of the Pentagon.

In addition, Kirby said that the stated purpose of the deployment of Russian troops – training -does not seem obvious.

The United States reported to the OSCE that Russia additionally transferred 15 000-25 000 troops to the occupied Crimea.

German Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer said that the Russian Federation poses a “specific and immediate” threat to security in Europe.

Russia has sent “Iskanders” to the Ukrainian borders.

date 20.04.2021
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