Russia is trying to intimidate neighboring countries – US Senator



The Russian Federation uses intimidation tactics against neighboring states. This was stated during a visit to Georgia by US Senator Jeanne Shaheen, UATV informs.

According to her, Moscow applies such tactics to those countries that have chosen the Euro-Atlantic way and decided to move to the West.

The senator noted that after the Russian occupation of South Ossetia, Georgian citizens cannot fully receive medical services or education in their country. And a similar situation, in her opinion, has developed in Ukraine.

“We saw the problems of Georgia through the actions of Russian soldiers, through Russian weapons and equipment aimed at Georgia. They saw the problems faced by South Ossetians who are unable to enter Georgia to receive medical, educational and other services. As we know, the Russians occupied Crimea and continue the conflict in Donbas. This was the same tactic we observed in South Ossetia”, – said Jeanne Shaheen, US Senator from the Democratic Party.

date 04.06.2021
categories World

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