Russia started withdrawal of its troops from Ukrainian border



Russia has started redeploying its forces from the border with Ukraine and the occupied Crimea to their permanent locations. UATV reports this April 23.

RF’s military detachments travel to railway stations and airfields, where they board landing craft ships, railway platforms and military and transport airplanes.

The servicemen of the radiation, chemical and biological protection detachments leave the Crimea through the railway station in Feodosiya. The equipment and arms of the brigade for managing the general association of the Southern military district were loaded on railway platforms in Kerch.

During the past couple of weeks, the Kremlin has been actively amassing its forces near the border with Ukraine for what was said to be military exercises. More than 100 thousand servicemen were deployed along the border. Ukraine and the international community have condemned the Kremlin’s actions and called on to cease the aggravation.

date 23.04.2021
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