Russia will not start a full-scale clash with NATO in the Black Sea – Kuleba



Russia is ready for an armed escalation in the Black Sea, in particular.

Foreign Minister of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba said this in an interview with

According to the Foreign Minister, Russia will avoid a full-scale clash with NATO because it has no chance of success.

“Russia is definitely ready for an armed escalation. In particular in the Black Sea. But there are no signs of suicide syndrome in Russia. They are not ready for a full-scale clash with NATO under any circumstances. They will provoke. However, they understand that in the confrontation with NATO as a whole, they have no chance of success” – Kuleba said.

The Minister also commented on the provocation with the “Defender” ship in the Black Sea, which was arranged by the Russian Federation.

“This is an attempt by Russia to show its strength. Because when you say that you fired at another warship, it’s almost an act of aggression. Accordingly, the other side has to react to this somehow. And the British reacted elegantly and played to lower rates. They do not need a single escalation with Russia now” – Kuleba noted.

Earlier, Dmytro Kuleba called on the OSCE to pay more attention to the situation in the occupied Crimea.

date 01.07.2021
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