Stoltenberg reacted to the Russian Federation’s statement on the withdrawal of troops from the Ukrainian border



The North Atlantic Alliance reacted to Russia’s statement on the withdrawal of troops from the border of Ukraine, UATV reports.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg welcomes the fact that tensions have been reduced on the border with Ukraine, but demands that Russia stop the military accumulation and join the negotiations. The Alliance continues to monitor the situation and the development of events, Stoltenberg said.

“I recently spoke with President Zelenskyy. There also was a visit by Foreign Minister Kuleba, who clarified the situation to NATO and the North Atlantic Council. The alliance reaffirms its political support and is ready to continue to help Ukraine implement reforms, as well as modernize the security and defense sectors. The Allies continue to provide Ukraine with all the necessary technical support, including training”, – Jens Stoltenberg noted.

Earlier, for the first time Ukraine took part in the talks between the foreign ministers of NATO’s eastern flank.

date 28.04.2021
categories World

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