The danger remains: the withdrawal of Russian troops from the Ukrainian border was commented on at the Pentagon



It is not the time to assess Russia’s statements about the withdrawal of troops from the Ukrainian border. This was announced by the Pentagon spokesman John Kirby, UATV reports.

He stressed that danger still persists, despite the fact that part of the Russian troops was withdrawn. Therefore, the United States of America will continue to monitor the situation.

“We have seen a certain retreat of some forces from Ukraine. But it’s too early to talk about it and take at face value Russian statements that what they called the teachings is now over and they are pulling everyone back. So we will continue to monitor this.” Kirby said.

Earlier, Russia began to withdraw its troops from the Ukrainian border and the occupied Crimea to the points of permanent deployment on April 23.

At the same time, many experts argue that the threat of invasion has not disappeared. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg welcomed the fact that the tension on the border with Ukraine has been reduced, but stressed that the Alliance continues to monitor the situation and the development of events.

date 28.04.2021
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