The WHO is reporting about a decrease in the incidence of influenza in the world


Photo: AP

Coronavirus control measures have reduced the incidence of influenza in the world.

This was stated during a briefing by the head of the pandemic and epidemic diseases department of the World Health Organization Sylvia Bryant, Novoe Vremya (New Time) reports.

“We monitor the seasonal incidence of influenza, and we can say that we see the low circulation. There may be a number of explanations for this, but the most realistic hypothesis is that the measures taken to combat the coronavirus are very effective in combating seasonal flu”, she said.

Bryant added that the WHO will continue to monitor how the situation will change, especially in the context of coronavirus vaccination.

Earlier, the WHO predicted when the COVID-19 pandemic would end.

It was also reported that the “British” COVID-19 was fixed in almost 100 countries.

date 09.03.2021
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