Up to 25 000 Russian troops were additionally deployed to Crimea, – USA to the OSCE


Photo: Reuters

Courtney Austrian, the representative of the US mission to the OSCE, said that Russia has additionally sent 15 000-25 000 Russian troops to the occupied Crimea. She stated this during a meeting of the Forum for Security Cooperation, informs UATV with reference to “Crimea. Realities”.

A US spokeswoman said Russian troops are now deployed on the border with Ukraine more than at any time since 2014.

“Russia has deployed 15 000-25 000 troops to Crimea or closer to Ukraine’s borders. This number includes infantry, tank battalions, helicopters, and air defense systems. These forces add to Russia’s already significantly increased combat capabilities in Crimea and along its internationally recognized border with Ukraine”, Austrian noted.

She added that, according to the United States, there are 31.5 thousand military personnel in Crimea. In addition, modern air defense systems such as the S-400, fighters and coastal defense cruise missiles are deployed there.

The military exercises to counter the offensive of the enemy worked out artillery and tank reserves, which carry out combat missions along the administrative line with the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea.

date 14.04.2021
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