Tank Factory Builds New Tanks and Upgrades Old Ones

One of the newest designs, the "Mongoose" offers increased protection, evacuation, and fuel efficiency among other things


The Mykolaiv Tank Factory has been working on the “Mongoose” armored recon vehicle for three years.

Among tank is expected to offer increased protection for the crew, thermal vision scopes, a new engine, among other things.

The hull was rebuilt for a more rapid evacuation of wounded infantry. The “Mongoose” is also more fuel-efficient than some older tanks. It burns 19 liters of diesel for each 100 kilometers. The engine’s service life is estimated to be 3,000 kilometers without need of repairs.

All of the Mongoose’s parts are produced in Ukraine with the exception of the engine. Yet for now, there is only one Mongoose. It will still get some upgrades to be able to serve multiple purposes.

“It can be for the national guard, or for the police. You can see that it does not have front windows. This is why it has a thermal vision scope for night conditions and for driving. It also has swim capability. For the first time, hydraulic gear is used for the hydraulic propeller,” Mykolaiv Tank Factory Head Engineer Oleksandr Fedirchenko said.

Workers at the Mykolaiv Tank Factory are also resurrecting old armored vehicles.

For example, there once can find the hull of a Soviet armored recon vehicle produced in 1975. It was written off the inventory back in Soviet times, but now the Mykolaiv factory is refurbishing and upgrading it.

“This hull comes assembled. We are disassembling it and distribute parts between workshops which work on specific parts and components. Later the hull is transferred to the workshop that specializes on hull repairs. That workshop has painting and short-blast cleaning lines. The hull is cleaned and then modernized,” Fedirchenko said.

In a month’s time, the old hull will become a new armored recon vehicle used for transporting soldiers and deep reconnaissance.

Since the beginning of the war, Mykolaiv factories have repaired and returned to service more than 400 armored vehicles and more than a dozen warplanes. This year it’s made repairs on more than 50 war machines.

The factory is planning to produce about 20 modernized armored vehicles a month for Ukraine’s military.

Source UATV
date 02.08.2019
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