Taosim in Ukraine

He jokingly calls himself a "Christian Taoist." Mykola Kozin, the Head of a Daoist center - grew up in a Christian family. In 2016, he discovered Taoism - as a practice and philosophy. Now he tries to comprehend Dao through meditation. But he says that its nature is elusive


Olha Poluyanova started to practice Taoist meditation thanks to her son, who used to take Karate lessons.

“During one of them, their instructor showed them Chinese exercises, called ‘Eight Pieces of Brocade.’ I was thinking, ‘Oh, God, I want to join them! I want to do this! This is what I’ve always been searching for!'” Poluyanova said.

Now, Poluyanova herself is also an instructor, who teaches others to live in harmony with the Tao.

“The main text – Tao Te Ching – says that the Tao, which can be expressed in words, is no longer the real ‘Tao.’ Therefore, we can only think about what the ‘Tao’ is. This is from what everything appeared and where everything returns,” Mykola Kozin, the head of the Taoist Center said.

Kozin, who calls himself a Christian Taoist, is the head of this “practical” Taoism school. He does not follow its religious traditions.

“Here, we must distinguish between ‘Tao Jiao’ and ‘Tao Jia.’ Tao Jia is the philosophy of Taoism, and Tao Jiao is a religious tradition. If we talk about philosophy, it is based on Tao Te Ching, written by Lao-Tze,” religious studies scholar Ihor Kozlovsky said.

In Taoism, it is believed that proper practice can lead to immortality. And it was proved by the “Baxian,” or enlightened people. Among them was Li Tieguai, born in the Yuan dynasty.

“You can see that he walks with a crutch, and that he looks like a beggar. However, in the past, he was a very handsome man and was proud of his beauty. And it was not good. So, it turned out that he got this body. It was a certain lesson for him,” Poluyanova said as she showed off a painting.

These Taoist practitioners, in turn, are trying to learn another lesson – how to perceive life and the world as they are, to travel their path and not expect any results.

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date 13.09.2019
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