Teqball in Ukraine

Many football clubs use a new sport, called teqball, during training. It resembles table tennis, but is played without using hands


A sport called Tequball is gaining popularity in Ukraine.

Teqball is a game played on a curved table. Tournaments are usually held for singles, doubles and mixed doubles.

A player is allowed to touch the ball a maximum of three times on its way to the opponent’s side. In order to get the ball to the other side, it can be struck with any part of the body except the hands.

“According to the rules, a player is not allowed, for example, to touch the ball twice by using the same body part, and they cannot attack the opponent using two parts of the body twice in a row. For example, if the first attack is made with the head, the next attack has to be made by using the chest, foot, or whatever. One has to remember this at all times. And the technical equipment has to be professional,” coach of Ukrainian national teqball team, Denys Vilenkin said.

The only woman on the Ukrainian team, Kateryna Fesenko, will be competing as part of a mixed double. Previously she played for the national women’s futsal team. This is the first time she will compete with a male teammate. Her partner helps her as best he can.

“Our guys, of course, are all great. They provide support. They saw that I was worried during our first training sessions. It was hard for me. I hadn’t yet gotten a feeling for the table or the space. I am used to running around in a gym, but here of course there only a small area. They all encouraged and supported me,” she said.

The Ukrainian teams sets modest and realistic goals for the upcoming world championship. The athletes know it won’t be easy to beat more experienced teams such as the Hungarians or Brazilians. However, an athlete who does not aspire to become a champion is a bad competitor.

“We are preparing seriously for this World Championship, and afterward we will continue to train in Kyiv. We hope that we will have more tables, and more people in Ukraine will take up this sport. We will develop, and in a couple of years, I hope we will win prizes at the World Championship,” player of Ukrainian national teqball team, Dmytro Shevchuk said.

The third teqball world championship will be held on Dec. 6-8 in Budapest. More than 40 countries participated in the previous championship in France.

Back then the Ukrainians tested their skills in some events. This will be the first time a complete Ukrainian national team will compete at the world championship.



Source UATV
date 29.11.2019
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