“Think Big” – Stories About Ukrainian Universities Premieres Today

The project pays special attention to student leisure


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A little less than a year ago, UATV produced a project concerning the architecture of Ukrainian universities. With a new series premiering today, it hopes to offer viewers an inside perspective of what life is like inside a Ukrainian university.

As part of its “Think Big” project, the UATV film team visited over a dozen universities in cities throughout Ukraine. In the beginning, the project’s aim was to gather the opinions and impressions of people working and studying at the universities- the rectors, teachers, and students.

But in the end, something a little different was done.

The new season, presented by two young TV journalists – Andriy Gorodynskyi and Serhiy Shynkarchuk – will not only conducted interviews with people affiliated with the universities, but will also get a closer look at the universities from the inside. The journalists sat in on the classes, had a bite to eat in the dining rooms, and even visited the dormitories.

The aim of “Think Big” is to talk about the benefits of a Ukrainian education. UATV’s aim was to offer up an insider’s perspective of attending university in Ukraine to prospective students. The language used for the project is light-hearted, cheerful and interesting, Gorodynskyi said.

According to Gorodynskyi, the project, besides the important information about educational subjects and the general educational conditions, pays special attention to student leisure.

“We want to show what the living conditions of Ukrainian students are, what the atmosphere is generally like in institutes of higher education and in the student dormitories, and to show how young people have fun,” Gorodynskyi said.

The UATV team has already prepared three releases: about the National Aviation University, Igor Sikorsky Kiev Polytechnic Institute, and the National University of Physical Education and Sports of Ukraine.


Source UATV
date 22.11.2018
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