Three Main Questions of Ukrainian Medical System

Acting Minister of Healthcare Uliana Suprun explains how to resolve three main issues of Ukrainian healthcare: medical supply, state system for examination of medications and medical leaves

Photo from Ukrinform-UATV


According to Acting Minister of Health Uliana Suprun, fraud, based on issuing medical leave without medical examinations can be resolved once the state electronic system eHealth is officially launched. From April 1, all prescriptions and medical leaves will be issued through this electronic system, Radio Liberty Ukraine reported.

“The patient will no longer have a piece of paper, and this will go through the electronic system,” Suprun said.

Another problem, according to her, is the absence of effective penalties to drug stores, where anyone can purchase prescription drugs without a prescription.

“The problem is that the law stipulates how a pharmacy sells prescription drugs, even if they sell a drug that requires a prescription without one, then their fine is 120 hryvnia. No criminal prosecution. It is cheaper for them to do business than to follow the law. Now the State Service is developing amendments to the law. And we will raise this fine. And we will also criminalize the release of drugs without a prescription,” Suprun said.

But the biggest fraud was on the purchase of medical products. According to Suprun, the way to purchase medication without corruption is to buy them through international organizations.

“When we started purchases in 2015 through international organizations, we saved 40% on prices and bought more drugs,” she said.

“We have already created a Ukrainian agency that will be the same way to purchase medicines and medical products starting next year,” Suprun added.

Talking about the control of the quality of medical products, Suprun raised the issue of the State Service for Medication Control.

“This is a service that should monitor whether there is a falsification and examine the quality of the drugs itself. They have actually fallen down and did not do any research for the last 5-6 years. We are getting their labs restored so that they could actually begin testing those drugs, whether they are produced well,” Suprun added.

Source Radio Liberty
date 23.03.2019
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