Trade Wars: The Art of Defense

Topics discussed included trade with Turkey, energy security, and entry into the European Union among other things


For five consecutive years, Russia has been attacking Ukraine not only with its troops and equipment in the Donbas but also by waging a trade war.

At the”Trade Wars – The Art of Defense” conference in Kyiv, participants discussed how to protect Ukrainian business amidst Russian aggression and fierce competition.

Besides Ukrainian government officials and leaders of major companies, the event was attended by guests from Kazakhstan, Belarus, and China.

After the start of Russian aggression in Ukraine, the country is looking to enter new markets. Turkey is considered as one of the promising ones. However, the sides haven’t reached an agreement yet. Ukraine wants to export food, while Turkey supports the import of Ukrainian industrial goods. Another round of trade negotiations will take place in January.

“We will look for an exclusively bilateral approach for Turkey. We will look for approaches, which would be beneficial for both sides. By and large, it’s not very sensible to develop these negotiations in the shadow of the European Union. I think that over time, the Turkish side will understand it and we will have to change the topic of negotiations – for a clear understanding of the flow of goods and understanding of supply and demand,” Ukrainian Trade Representative Taras Kachka said.

Ukraine’s energy security was also discussed. Namely – the desire of Germany’s governing coalition to defend the construction of Nord Stream 2. They developed a new law, which bypasses the reinforced rules of the European Union Gas Directive. According to Ukrainian officials, the European Commission will not allow this to happen.

“By and large, the German initiative is not entirely in the direction laid by Ukraine and the European Commission. Therefore, I do not think that it will be approved. We must understand that we are talking about the implementation of the directive and the European Commission has a significant voice in this matter and has a clear position on how this project will be implemented,” Kachka said.

At the forum, Ukrainian officials assured entrepreneurs that European integration is a priority for the Cabinet of Ministers. They want to reach the level of the Copenhagen Accords in the economy. This is the criteria for entering the European Union.

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