How to Travel With Tight Budget?

A young woman from Odesa has traveled through Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand alone and on a rather tight budget.

Odesa resident Karina Terentieva is teaching Thai people the Ukrainian language.

Karina ended up in Thailand thanks to Couchsurfing. This kind of activity is blossoming around the world. The goal is to get people from different parts of the world to know each other. Over the two months Karina visited Bali, she has traveled all over Thailand and been to Vietnam and Singapore.

“I loved the Singapore zoo. Generally, I don’t like zoos, because I believe that it is not a place for animals. But the Singapore zoo is in the top 3. Everything is so thought out there that it feels like you are not walking in a zoo, but through the jungle,” she said.

Karina did not spend a lot of money on this trip. She ate at local cafes, lived in hostels and with Couchsurfers. Everywhere she would go she found likeminded people who also travel the world.

“I had a Thai babushka. She fed me and looked after me. I was just staying in their hostel and I guess she liked me. She was literally like a granny to me,” she said.

Couchsurfing does not suit everyone. Yet Karina has found out for herself that this way of traveling can be safe and inexpensive.

Now she is preparing for a trip through the Balkans and North Africa. She lives according to the motto “I have friends around the world. I just haven’t met them yet.”

Source UATV
date 31.08.2019
categories News releases, Tourism
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