Trumpeter of Lubart Castle

Every day, a man plays trumpet on the tower of the Lubart castle in Lutsk for tourists and city residents


When the tourist season starts in Lutsk, the Lubart Castle has a special attraction.

Every day, a man climbs to the top of the tower and performs a tune familiar to every resident. And when the season comes to an end, he stages a full concert.

Andriy Yedynak is a trumpeter from Lutsk. He ascends the tower of the Lubart castle every day at noon to play the song ‘My Volyn’ on trumpet.

“Today I am performing because it is the end of the season. We came up with this idea to stage a small concert so that people would hear not only ‘My Volyn’ but also other music,” he said.

The position of town crier was reopened four years ago to revive the old traditions and attract tourists.

“This is one of the characters from Lutsk history that we tried to popularize, so people would know more. He talks not only to tourists, but also to Lutsk residents, and he knows what they like. Today you can hear not only Ukrainian folk music but modern popular tunes as well,” the Head of Lutsk Tourism and Promotion Department, Kateryna Telipska said.

Many Lutsk residents flock to hear Yedynak’s performances. Tourists say that his music gives the old castle a medieval feel.

“It’s a great idea, a creative one. I don’t know who came up with it, but whoever it was — great job. It’s unexpected but interesting and pleasant,” Svitlana Strilchuk, a tourist from Kalush, said.

“It’s great. He’s great. He does everything he can and that is good. Something new, maybe something different. Not everyone has a castle, so every little twist is good,” Lutsk resident, Vadym Tesunov said.

While Yedynak has already had his last performance of the year, stay tuned for next May, when he’ll once again ascend Lubart Castle to put smiles on faces.

Source UATV
date 04.11.2019
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