Turkey – Just Right for Lavender Tourism

Every year hundreds of thousands of tourists visit the village of Kuyucak (Kuiudzhak) in Turkey to enjoy the beauty of its lavender fields, take pictures and try lavender ice-cream with soda


The small Turkish village of Kuyucak (Kuiudzhak) with a population of 250 people has turned into a center of tourism for the third summer in a row.

Here lavender fields bloom on hundreds of hectares of land between May and September. From a distance, it looks like a bright picture painted by nature itself. No one passes by such beauty.

“We were in Antalya on a honeymoon trip. On the way back we decided to come here. It was my dream to visit the lavender fields. My husband decided to surprise me. We bought a lot of gifts made of lavender,” one tourist said.

Photos by tourists on social networks made this place popular. Residents of the village show visitors the way to the plantation, allow them to take pictures in their gardens, treat them to food and drinks.

Here, a lavender wreath can be woven in 15 minutes, and everyone will be told about the qualities of the plant. So-called lavender tourism has become the main source of income for residents of Kuyucak. They earn from $25,000-$30,000 in one season.

“It became our family business. Every year we increase the crop area. For example, my neighbor already has 100 hectares of lavender. There are those who have 200 each. Lavender became the main source of revenue for our village. We have lavender ice cream, lavender soda, lavender coffee, and cream,” lavender field owner Baysal Tezcan said.

“I can offer lavender tea and coffee, cold drinks, corn. I spend the money I earn on school and buy books for myself,” Suleyman Karaman, a young boy, said.

It’s not only tourists who come to Kuyucak, but also farmers from other Turkish cities. They come not so much to enjoy the beauty as to learn about growing lavender.

“As soon as we found out about these lavender fields, we came to learn everything about its cultivation. We want to develop this kind of tourism in our village – Sivrihisar. We have a lot of land, but the soil is not suitable for planting most plants,” farmer Sadik Anadar said.

Last year, 350,000 people came to see the lavender fields. Locals say this season they are expecting up to half a million guests.

Source UATV
date 19.07.2019
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