Two Temperature Records Set in Kyiv

Temperatures for the first two days in July are the hottest since 1881


Photo Ukrinform

Two warm temperature records were set in the city of Kyiv.

“According to observations of the Borys Sreznevskyi Central Geophysical Observatory, for the first time in the past 139 years of observations, the average daily temperature on July 1 rose to 26.0°C, which is 0.4°C higher than the previous historical temperature record set in the distant 1890,” reads the report.

In addition, this evening (July 2) was the warmest since 1881 observations. The night air temperature did not drop below 20.9°С, which means that the previous records set in 1938 and 2016 were exceeded by 0.9°С.

In general, 18 temperature records have been updated in Kyiv since the beginning of 2019.

Source Ukrinform
date 02.07.2019
categories Science
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