U.N. Report: 26 Civilians Killed in Donbas since Beginning of 2019

"OHCHR continues to observe human rights violations ... notably arbitrary arrests and incommunicado detention, torture and ill-treatment, and restrictions on fundamental freedoms."

Images: United Nations – OHCHR


From the beginning of the year to mid-November, 26 civilians were killed and 136 injured as a result of the conflict in Donbas.

Head of the UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine Matilda Bogner stated this while presenting a report on the human rights situation in Ukraine between August 16 and November 15, 2019.

“From 1 January to 15 November 2019, OHCHR recorded 162 conflict-related civilian casualties: 26 killed (15 men, 10 women and one boy) and 136 injured (77 men, 39 women, 11 boys and nine girls),” Bogner said.

According to Bogner, this is a 39.3 percent decrease compared with the same period in 2018 (23 killed and 214 injured), and the lowest civilian casualties recorded for this calendar period during the entire conflict.

During the entire conflict period, from April 14, 2014 to November 15, 2019, OHCHR recorded in total 3,046 conflict-related civilian deaths (1,807 men, 1,055 women, 98 boys, 49 girls and 37 adults whose sex is unknown). Taking into account the 298 deaths on board of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 on 17 July 2014, the total civilian death toll of the conflict has reached at least 3,344. The number of injured civilians is estimated to exceed 7,000.



Source UATV
date 12.12.2019
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