UATV Opens Correspondent Office in Turkey

There will be a special focus placed on news concerning Ukrainians living in Turkey


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In recent years, Ukrainian and Turkish relations have grown significantly. Turkey is now an important strategic partner for Ukraine. Kyiv and Ankara are building diplomatic ties, deepening cultural relations, and developing tourism. Many Ukrainian schoolchildren and students are studying and participating in exchange programs in Turkey.

As a result, UATV opened a Correspondent Office in Ankara on Wednesday. The office has already prepared its first reports.

Olga Budnyk, an Ukrinform correspondent and operator Ediye Kataman will report on the most important and interesting events in Turkey, with a special emphasis on those of concern to Ukrainians living there.

Kataman, moved to Ankara from Crimea in 2013, to attend university.

She’s worked with the camera since her early school days. She’s been involved with the radio project “Meydan,” and TV channels like “ATR” and “Lyaly” in Crimea. She’s also trained in media in the  Czech Republic and the Netherlands and for the first state TV channel of Turkey, TPT.

“We have a rich history. There is a large Crimean Tatar and Ukrainian diaspora. We, representatives of the Ukrainian media, serve as a bridge for the local diaspora and the population of Ukraine. Our compatriots are in a foreign country, but even here they revere and preserve their traditions, trying to raise them in our children. We, journalists, are obliged to talk about them and to provide information and support,” Kataman said.

Kataman also said that having an office in Turkey will give UATV the opportunity to cover important steps that Turkish leaders may take to support Ukraine – for example, with regards to the liberation of Crimean Tatar leaders Akhtem Chygoz and Ilmi Umerov, Kataman said.

UATV’s Turkish office will soon already begin to show its value in that correspondents there will be in a prime position to cover the granting of Autocephalous to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church by the Ecumenical Patriarchate.

“Our office is based in Ankara. We are located in the capital, and therefore, in the center of events. But we plan to cover the events in other cities of Turkey. The distance isn’t important, the main thing is to focus on the important news concerning Turkey and Ukraine,” Edie said.

In the context of information warfare, where foreign powers can produce deliberately misleading information to serve their own interests, everyone who is connected with the media takes on additional responsibility, she said.

“It is important for me to understand that my work is strategically important. I always wanted to work where the idea and the purpose is clearly established. I’m not curious to go along a road that leads to nowhere. In these circumstances, even the slightest difficulty can knock you off course. UATV has a mission that fully satisfies my professional ambitions. And I’m glad to be a part of a goal-oriented team,” Kataman said.

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