UATV Unveils Correspondent Offices in Washington, DC and Istanbul

The Washington, DC office will be the first in the United States for UATV


Photo from Ukrinform-UATV


Ukrainian broadcasting channel UATV is set to launch a correspondent office in the US capital, Washington, DC, on August 8, 2019. This will be the channel’s third foreign office. The other two are in Warsaw and Istanbul. The channel recently moved operations from Ankara to Istanbul.

According to the Head of the International Department of the channel, Varvara Mirankova, from now, all the most important news will be quickly delivered to air on the channel from across the sea.

“The Washington office is the first to be located on another continent, and this is very motivating. Washington is the center of political life in the United States, a city where decisions affecting the world, and Ukraine in particular, are made. We will talk about how Ukrainians live in the US. What they achieve and how they fight for what they consider important for their homeland. We will cover technologies and trends — new for us, but that have long existed in the United States. An experience that we can learn from one of the most developed countries of the world, next year presidential elections. Generally, that will be a lot,” she said.

According to Mirankova, the Washington office was one of the key priorities for the channel.

“In fact, this was not a very difficult task to create the office — the United States policy in this regard is very loyal, they have a separate category of visas designed specifically for journalists, requiring a minimum of paperwork,” Mirankova said.

The Washington office will work jointly with the office of the Ukrinform news agency, the same way it is organized in Poland and Turkey already.

“Our Washington team is very strong. Camera operator with vast working experience, and a Ukrinform correspondent who has been living in the US for several years and writes for the news agency. So we expect exclusive, high-quality and extensive materials on air,” Mirankova added.

UATV television channel also moved its Turkish office from Ankara to Istanbul.

“Initially we discussed the idea to open an office in Istanbul. But later decided to start in the capital, Ankara. We worked there for six months, created lots of interesting stories, and, in June, we returned to the idea of moving to Istanbul. Ankara has outlived itself in terms of new themes and heroes, therefore, I was very glad when the bureau was finally allowed to move to Istanbul – this is the real heart of Turkey, a city in which life is always in full swing,” she said.

She added that a journalist also joined the UATV office in Istanbul.

“The film crew is a little non-standard: the camera operator Edie and the correspondent Jafer. Both of them are Crimeans, they studied in Turkey. They know Crimean Tatar, Turkish, English, Russian and Ukrainian. It’s very cool, because Istanbul is a multinational city, and we can speak with any inhabitant. There will be many new topics and stories, this is inspiring, ” Mirankova added.

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date 06.08.2019
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