UATV Hosts DJ-Stream From Chornobyl Exclusion Zone Today

Ukrainian DJ, DJBuro founder, and journalist Vlad Fisun will play a thematic vinyl set


On the 33rd anniversary of the 4th reactor explosion of the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant, UATV channel, Chornobyl-Tour operator, and the creative association DJBuro are holding a live-stream from the exclusion zone.

A 45-minute DJ-stream from the unfinished cooling tower, located a few kilometers from the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant’s 4th reactor, will be broadcast on the channel. Ukrainian DJ, DJBuro founder, and journalist Vlad Fisun will play a thematic vinyl set inside the building, using Ukrainian and foreign artists records.

Chornobyl-Tour operates tours the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone. For 11 years it says it has been trying to eliminate the consequences of information pollution around the catastrophe.

A joint project involving it, DJBuro, and UATV is described

as “another step towards a comprehensive and timely coverage of the current situation in a deceptive area of ​​fear and prejudice.”

“The idea of ​​the project belongs to Chornobyl-Tour founder Serhii Mirnyi. I participated as an observer in the #chornobyltrashbagchallenge,” Fisun said. “When we came back from Pripyat, Serhii pointed at a huge tower, an unfinished water cooling plant, and said that he dreams to arrange a concert here, to hear how the music plays through the peculiarities of the design. I thought that it was possible to arrange several performers or just play some records, and later Chornobyl-Tour proposed this project, and the UATV television channel has fantastically incarnated the idea on the screen.”

“The Chornobyl tragedy has become one of the most recognizable events when it comes to Ukraine abroad. The place of the accident is filled with myths and legends. It attracts more and more tourists every year, which is why UATV regularly raises this topic in its projects. Recently, it launched a Post Chornobyl series about people’s lives in the exclusion zone. A DJ-stream is a kind of attempt to rethink the Chornobyl catastrophe as a social and cultural tragedy of the Ukrainian nation,” UATV’s general director Lyudmila Berezovska said.

Each record from the dozen presented, which will play in the enormous walls of the Cooling Tower, will have meaning, the DJ said.

“The mix begins with Polygrim – Trails Of Clouds, whose author is a hypnotic Ukrainian composer. His music is out of time. And this is a sad irony because, through the radioactive cloud, people understood that they still do not know a lot about the possibilities and consequences of their own technologies. Pripyat, a young, blooming city, turned into a City of Nothing. The Ukrainian band Braii’s song refers to this tragedy, and then flows into the already classic, Atomic Moog 2000, an ode to the atomic bomb from British Coldcut,” Fisun said. “The story continues with VGNVZH – Wheraufrom, an intense and wild track about the borders, about the actual delimitation of the zone from the people. The next track, Blood, is from Skryabin’s founders side project, MOLOTOV20 an expression of how our generation felt in the 90’s – furiously, frantically, striving for the Great, Old or New World.”

“What were we then all? It seems like Original by Leftfield and Dirt by Death In Vegas and I tried to pick up not very common remixes from this mid-90’s classics. And what are we to the world now? A nation that has its own Vidlik, that’s why we used Onuka‘s song. And next, an uncommon Kraftwerk remix, who referred to man-made disasters with the cult track Radioactivity almost immediately after the flash,” Fisun said. “How could we understand those who were divorced because of the crazy unexpected consequences? I tried to find a modern song, and the retrofuturist work of Flagio M – I Want Your Love, speaks in simple words to how it felt to those who said goodbye with the evacuation call.”

The next song is from the Italian, duo LumenerCalendula, and the last track is from the most well-known Ukrainian band DakhaBrakha, with their rampant pamphlet Monakh.

The project organizers said that now there are no art boundaries — primarily due to technology allowing art to go anywhere and to any time and that only ideas matter. Technology is an opportunity, they said. The main thing is for what purpose and how responsibly it can be used. It affects every technology equally: information technology, energy technology, etc. So it’s better to broadcast creativity than threats, the artists say.

DJ-stream will be aired on UATV today in English, Russian and Ukrainian. People will be able to see the project on the channel broadcast, on the website, and on UATV‘s social networks.

Source UATV
date 26.04.2019
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