UATV Launches New Series “Doctors”

UATV Launches a new project called "Doctors." The project will tell the stories of Prominent Ukrainian scientists and doctors


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Ukrainian scientists and doctors of the past century are famous far beyond their motherland. However, modern Ukrainian doctors, who also make a significant contribution to the development of world medical science and practice, are still not well-known.

UATV decided to tell the story of prominent doctors in its project called “Doctors.” The project is planned to be aired on Dec. 26. It will begin to introduce the latest innovations and research in the field of medicine and science of Ukraine to the public.

Each series of the project is the documentary film, which is a separate journey in the daily professional life of doctors and full immersion in their specialty.

“We are a young country, the financing of medicine is still not enough, but we have an incredible number of prominent and talented professionals looking for opportunities, and sometimes even many foreign colleagues, due to their unconventional thinking and bold decision.

“There are many inventions that are cheaper than the foreign ones, but of the same quality,” says the author of the project Maria Bruni. The “Doctors” project is aimed at providing unequivocal evidence that Ukraine’s specialists are aware of modern scientific and medical trends.

In each episode, the characters will share their stories about their professional development, the history of creating unique inventions and personal thoughts relating to their profession.

“For me, medicine and science are the first indicators of the state’s power, it is like a litmus test, showing the future of our nation. And a large number of incredibly talented doctors of the new European model who work in the field of medicine inspire me, give me the belief that this is the beginning of something great,” Bruni said.

The first episode of the project is scheduled for December 26 and will feature the liver transplant surgeon Oleh Kotenko and his team.

The “Doctors” will be available in Ukrainian, Russian and English.

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date 20.12.2018
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